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Chartered Institute Customer Relationship Management (CICRM) is a United State of America non-profit making international professional examining body that exists to provide high quality, cost effective, internationally recognized and it’s also approved and grated a Corporate Charter by the Secretary of State of Nedava as a professional body and examining body in United State of America and approved by the Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria. We aim to solidify and enhance the career prospects of graduates in the job market.

CICRM is an international body for customer service provider seeking to develop and promote international service standards and professional excellence in customer relationship management.  The institute is responsible for promoting best practices in customer service standards, professional certification and the National and International Service Excellence Awards.

CICRM International Head office is located in the State of Nevada in United State of America with the affiliates corporate offices in countries like Zimbabwe (Southern Africa) Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana (West Africa) just to mention a few. The promoters have many years of experience in the areas of Customer Care/Services, Customer Relationship Management, Front Deck Officer, Call Center Management, etc. as a professional institute.

Customer Service Managers come from a variety of backgrounds but unlike other professions, such as Accounting, there has been no formal industry body recognition. Anyone may call themselves a customer service manager but few have any qualification other than experience to prepare them for the role.  Despite job titles such as customer service director, customer relationship manager, call center manager, manager - customer experience, national manager, customer satisfaction and consumer relations manager, few people holding these positions have any customer service qualifications. They come from diverse backgrounds - some have undergraduate degrees from a wide variety of disciplines, others have completed more generalized post graduate study such as an MBA. A significant component of Nigeria's customer service managers and professionals have no formal qualifications instead gaining considerable experience at a variety of levels in the organization before working their way up 'through the ranks'.

Professionals in other roles study their chosen discipline and then are recognized by their professional association.  For example, despite studying a recognized accounting degree, an accountant is not 'Certified' or 'Chartered' until they have passed all the professional examinations of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA)  worked through their professional body's course requirements and are recognized as qualified in the field.  The ICRM believes it is time Nigerian organizations treat service as importantly as finance.

Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management is working with interested organizations to develop trainings, assessment and certification programmes leading to Certified Customer Service Management Professional Certifications and it’s the only formal and internationally recognized "Certified Customer Relationship Manager" designation.

It is time for all those in industry and the government sector with customer service management and leadership responsibilities to gain formal professional qualifications and for CEOs and human resource departments to insist on only employing customer service leaders recognized by Nigeria's peak professional body for Customer Service – the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management.

CICRM supports the professional capability of customer care practitioners through the gaining of qualifications and the continuing professional development program. Each graduate has the option to obtain or complete their B.Sc, PGD, MBA, M.Sc, DBA and PhD degrees at some of our affiliated universities are San Juan De La Cruz University Costa Rica and Business University of Costa Rica. These universities are accredited and authorized institution of higher learning in Costa Rica.
They are regionally accredited by State (Ministry of Public Education) and by approval of there charter from CONESUP (Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada) (National Council of University Private Higher Education- The apex national educational body for accreditation, control and regulation of the operation of private universities in Costa Rica)
These university is consecutively listed in the UNESCO International Association of Universities Directory of Higher Education and the International Handbook of Universities.

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