Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become student/Members of the institute?
You simply need to download student/membership application form online and submit the additional application materials required. Visit CICRM website for further details. Click onto "student/membership area now" at CICRM home page.

How do I get information about CICRM Courses?
Course information can be accessed from our web site. However to receive any specific additional information, you can email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When do courses start?
Admission is open round the year.

What is the duration and cost of the Courses.
Click on "Student Area" to get Course description with course duration etc.

Are CICRM courses transferable to other institutions?
CICRM courses may or may not be transferable as it is up to the receiving institution to determine whether they accept CICRM courses or not or if accept, what credit they will award from CICRM courses. If student is taking up CICRM program for this purpose, they are advised to first verify from such institutions about acceptance of CICRM courses before admission in CICRM Course of study.

How to contact CICRM?
However, if any letter / documents are required to be sent to the institute by mail / courier, it can be sent to CICRM Administration Office located at 311 S. Division Street, Carson City, Nevada 89703 State of Nevada, United State of America.

Does CICRM have Affiliates with any other institution?
Yes, CICRM allows Affiliated Institutions to run affiliated programs in a face-to-face mode of learning. Institutions from any part of the globe, interested colleges, business schools, consultants for affiliation, should send proposals to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How can you give B.Sc in 18 Months?
The program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 18 month and 2-years from our affiliate universities in Costa Rica. These  universities are  consecutively listed in the UNESCO International Association of Universities Directory of Higher Education and the International Handbook of Universities.

Generally if you pursue B.Sc/MBA from some other institute (in the case of ACCA and Oxford Brooks University UK) and even if you finish your studies in 13 months you can do your exam only after 24 month. In our case if you finish your studies in 13 months, you can do your exams and get your certifications done, thus saving your own 11 months. The duration of the program completely depends on the student qualification and working experience.

Will the companies accept 18 months B.Sc?
Yes, first of all, your certificate will not indicate that you have finished your program in 18 months or 24 month. It just indicates the date you have finished your program. Secondly for past  “n” years, we have been giving this fast track B.Sc/Masters and you can see the list of companies where our students are placed. So the Companies do accept and acknowledge this B.Sc.

And also the universities are accredited and authorized institution of higher learning in Costa Rica. It is regionally accredited from State (Ministry of Public Education) and by approval of its charter from CONESUP (Consejo Nacional de Enseñanza Superior Universitaria Privada) (National Council of University Private Higher Education- The apex national educational body for accreditation, control and regulation of the operation of private universities in Costa Rica)
This university is consecutively listed in the UNESCO International Association of Universities Directory of Higher Education and the International Handbook of Universities

How can you give MBA in 5 Subjects?
Sir/Ma since you already have an experience of “n” years with you, we acknowledge the fact that you already have the basic knowledge of Management through your practical life and you don’t need to go through the basics again. So, we have handpicked all the necessary subjects which are absolutely required for a program to be called an MBA and we have specially designed this tailor made course for you.

Is your Institute approved by Governments in any Country?
Yes, we are approved and granted a Corporate Charter in United State of America, we have been given approval by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria; also the Institute is certificated and approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria under Decree N0.1, of 1990 or CAP 59.
The CICRM, USA is also financing the Chartered-Ship Bill on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management, Nigeria affiliate bodies in her Country National Assembly.

What is the ranking of your professional Institute?
In the field of customer care, Customer Services, Customer Relationship Management, Front Deck Officer, Call Center Management, etc as a professional body, we are definitely the No. 1, as rated by various business magazines and etc.

Why should I go for your Institute instead of a University?
Sir/Ma it’s completely your choice. The benefits that you will get by doing your B.Sc/MBA from our institute is as follows:

You can save a lot of time as we give you the fast track option. From a university, you will have to invest a minimum of 4-6 years whereas from our institute you can finish the program anytime between 6months to 2 years.

Being a International Institute, we update our study material every 12 months whereas the universities update the curriculum every 5-10 years. The curriculum for MBA (any management program) being a professional application based program, needs to be updated as every now and then a new management style emerges and the old one becomes redundant.

Do you provide a degree or a diploma?
Sir/Ma Institute programs are professional courses and the question of a degree does not arise. We have courses from diploma to doctorate level and we provide you with the certificates. The degrees can only be provided by the universities and since we are a self financed autonomous professional body, we cannot provide you with a degree certificates.

But will this certificate be valid in private company’s jobs?
Sir/Ma, I can assure you that this certificate will be valid anywhere as far as jobs are concerned. If you allow me to send you a copy of our prospectus, you will find a list of people who have finished their program from our institute and many of them are in private sector. For the past 5 years many of our students have applied for job after our courses and they have been selected.

Can I do the exams before 6 months?
Yes sir you can, but you must be a registered student and by paying the examination fee too.

After submitting my papers, in how many days would the results be declared and when will I get the certificates?
After submitting your papers, you shall receive your certificates in 30 working days.

You said I can do my exams sitting at home. Doesn’t that mean I cannot cheat and write my papers?
As I told you the question papers that we are sent to you are in the form of live and practical case studies and not the direct theoretical questions where you can open the book and copy. In case studies you have to present yourself in a given situation.

Professional examination is an application based program where our aim is to make sure that you handle the situations in as a professional as well as personal life better. Generally also if you face a particular situation, where you do not know the solution, what do you do?

What is MBA fast track?
The program is for 2 years; however we give this facility to our students wherein they can finish the program any time between 6 month and 2-years.

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