CICRM members who have held the Associate level of membership for 3 years or more or as Chartered Customer Care’ then needs to accumulate a further 30 points over 3 years to be re-certified as a Chartered Customer Service Professional.

The Chartered Customer Service Professional qualification will raise the level of respect among colleagues in customer service management and the broader service community.
Chartered Customer Service Professional is an important catalyst to staff development. It will encourage managers and potential managers to expand their knowledge beyond their particular area of specialization, whilst continuing to learn and grow in the market place.

Chartered Customer Service Professional tells your employer you are motivated and accomplished together with being up to date in your knowledge of customer relationship management skills. Additionally this indicates you are working to maintain high standards in the customer service field.

This program is designed to recognize and ensure the ongoing maintenance of professional competence in customer relationship management.

ICRM seminars provide professional development opportunities that not only enhance a participant’s knowledge and skills but also provide an opportunity to accumulate ICRM membership points and Chartered Customer Service Professional points.

Your full potential can be unlocked and you can gain rewards for your efforts and achievements.

For further information on our Chartered Customer Service Professional program and other professional development events, please contact the Institute.

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