Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management welcomes service quality consultancy/affiliate partners worldwide as one of those who assist us to reach our clients and provide them with professional consultancy in customer service excellence. Each partner of ours is responsible for one state/region that is why they are called Affiliate Partners.
The main responsibility of the partners:

  • To highlight the relationship between customer service excellence and increased revenue
  • To provide professional guidance for all members implementing the Institute of Customer Relationship Management experts in service quality.
  • To market the Institute in the relevant state and seek opportunities to educate the members in his state.
  • To understand Institute in its entirety
  • To protect and strengthen the Institute credibility via the delivery of professional and consistent service quality solutions

The Institute itself functions as a global partnership organization. It acts as a knowledge hub and the partners are promoting, selling, implementing and consulting CICRM within their region. The Institute makes sure that all partners have a proper profile and properly trained to ensure that they can sell CICRM related consultancy projects and they can carry them out in the highest standards of professionalism.
I have to highlight besides the responsibilities the main benefits of the partners:

  1. Increase market share and annual revenue
  2. Become part of a world class brand implementing innovative customer service solutions
  3. Create local and international recognition in the field of customer service excellence
  4. Further improve customer service skills and competencies whilst expanding knowledge in the field of service quality.
  5. Strategically position your existing customer service related products utilizing CICRM’s international presence and credibility
  6. Create competitive advantage by seizing this opportunity to be the exclusive distributor and implementer of CICRM’s products and services within your region
  7. Build an image as ‘customer service experts’ with strong links to international best practice customer service resources

The two main benefits of the partnership are the increased product portfolio and the extra opportunity for collecting revenue.

As the Institute is not directly in control of the Affiliate Partners the main income of the Institute is coming from partnership fees. Each partner is expected to pay an initial Affiliate partnership fee which is $1, 000 USD. The further financial terms are tailor-made for each partner and for each region.
The return of the initial partnership fee includes:

  • access to Institute and all related study materials
  • access to the online supporting tools and solutions of CICRM.
  • the full training on CICRM by the Institute
  • marketing support for CICRM promotion during the partnership period

The Institute aims to inspire the achievement of the highest standards of service quality in the international market by focusing the organizations’ attention on delivery excellence in customer service.

Our service quality consultancy partners are the ones who assist us to reach our clients and provide them with professional consultancy in customer service excellence. Our marketing and PR partners help us promote general customer service awareness as well as the Institute and its products/ services.

Please find attached our information material about the Institute’s Partnership structure highlighting the main benefits.

The Institute has developed and is the custodian of the Customer Service and Relationship Standard. This standard has the status of an independent standard, managed by our Institute

By implementing these standards the organisations can gain a better understanding of their current position with regards to customer service excellence and receive valuable guidance how to improve further.

We will be pleased to receive your interest in the partnership program.
Each partnership is unique and tailored according to the expectations of the potential partner and the requirements of the local markets to ensure a successful co-operation.

In order to establish a successful partnership it is very important for us to learn more about your drive and motivation regarding the Institute.

We am looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about

    your organization and field of specialization,
    your goals regarding to the partnership of the Institute,
    your experience in customer service,
    market potentials in South Africa with related to customer service consultancy, training, measurement and Standard implementation and certification.

You could download Affiliate Partnership Form here

If you have any question regarding the main responsibilities of the partners, benefits or initial fees, please feel free to contact us.

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